Drone Ⅱ(4K/1080p)
Drone Ⅱ(4K/1080p)
Drone Ⅱ(4K/1080p)


Drone Ⅱ(4K/1080p)

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WIFI FUNCTION - You can connect to App, system to take photos and videos. Also, don't bother wasting time on transferring images to your computer and the to your phone..., Just transfer them directly to your phone using the app. Ultimately you can also just take photos of you using Gesture Mode.

Wide Angle Camera Photo/Video - Equipped With A 1080P/4K Wide-Angle Camera for a wide range of high-definition pictures and videos.

Foldable Arm -  With a foldable arms so it can get smaller and easier  to carry, USB charging, and also very easy to operate. No head mode, no need to adjust the aircraft position before flight, Just plug and play!

Anti-Interference - With One-Button back function, you can easily find your way home. Anti-Interference using 2.4Ghz Technology.

Steady -  Thanks to our latest technology Six-Axis Gyroscope we can assure you that you will have much more stable flights also makes it easier to control. 

Flight time - 10 to 15 minutes.